Press Sec. Polaris Septrix to leave administration

Polaris Septrix, the press secretary for Presidents Cecelia Paylor, Katniss Everdeen, Rick Canth, Dale Wilson, and now Peeta Mellark, announced today that she would be submitting her resignation to the President, effective immediately.

Septrix, who was also the moderator for the debates of the Liberty and Conservative Parties as well as the general election debate moderator, is highly regarded by many as the guiding force of the executive branch, handling the press coverage of three wars, multiple scandals, an impeachment, a recession, and an attempted assassination. There is no word as to who her replacement shall be.

Septrix stated that her resignation was due to the fact that it was time to retire:

“I’ve overseen nearly nineteen years of events in Panem’s history from this post. I’m happy to have been a part of it. However, the post of press secretary was never meant to last this long; it should always be up to the president on who they appoint, and it shouldn’t be a lifetime post. I’m honored, but I’m resigning on my own terms. It’s not out of scandal. It’s time for me to retire and pass the torch to a new officeholder who will hopefully value their time here as much as me.”

Septrix also stated that she may return to the private sector following her retirement.


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