Liberty Party announces top targets for midterms

The Liberty National Committee, the formal governing arm of the Liberty Party, has announced their top targets for next year’s midterm elections.

First Lady Katniss Everdeen, who serves as LibNC chair and previously served as president before her husband, Peeta Mellark, announced the targeted races in a press release today. “It is our top priority to make competitive races in Liberty strongholds as well as expanding our boundaries over time,” Everdeen said.

The targeted races are separated by tiers.

Tier 1:

Senate seats:

  • District 4, seat I (Incumbent: Katrina Rowland, Labor)
  • District 10, seat I (Incumbent: Jace Walters, Labor)
  • The Capitol, seat I (Incumbent: Zena Gates, Labor)

District races:

  • District 3 governor (Incumbent: Bertram Spellings, Civic)
  • District 3 lieutenant governor (Incumbent: Sarah Turner, Civic)
  • District 8 governor (Incumbent: Felicia Ren, Labor)
  • District 8 lieutenant governor (Incumbent: Cedric Wallace, Labor)

Tier 2:

Senate seats:

  • District 6, seat I (Incumbent: Raylin Kramer, Civic)
  • District 6, seat II (Incumbent: Quentin Kennedy, Civic)
  • District 9, seat II (Incumbent: Patricia Mann, Labor)

District races:

  • District 3 legislature (Incumbent party: Civic)
  • District 5 lieutenant governor (Incumbent: Sextimus Dalton, Centre)
  • District 8 legislature (Incumbent party: Labor)

Tier 3:

Senate seats: 

  • District 3, seat I (Incumbent: Sadie Myers, Civic)
  • District 3, seat II (Incumbent: Patrick Newsom, Civic)
  • District 9, seat I (Incumbent: Iris Canstrom, Labor)



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