Senate Judiciary Committee conducts hearings, approves Thompson nomination

The deliberations of the confirmation of Governor Cynthia Thompson as Panem’s newest associate justice of the Supreme Court have finally concluded.

The Panem Senate began committee deliberations a month ago on the subject, with the Senate Judiciary Committee formally deliberating on the nomination. As with all contested nominations, the nominee must attend hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee before any formal vote may be taken.

The hearings remained contentious towards Governor Thompson due to the Red-Green Coalition’s opposition to her nomination. The major highlights of the hearings came when Senator Iris Canstrom, Labor’s leader in the Senate, went on the attack against the Governor for her “political ambitions,” claiming that this nomination was only a stepping stone to the executive branch for her. Thompson categorically denied that the nomination was a political move, but rather one of “duty to my country.” Senator Sadie Myers, the Civic leader in the Senate, questioned how Thompson could remain partisan as a member of the court, considering how she currently serves as a Liberty Party governor. Thompson shot back, saying, “My political leanings did not affect my previous tenure as Chief Judge, and it won’t affect me here. Furthermore, how many of those justices are apolitical? Zero. Everyone has a political bias. The issue lies with those who govern on that bias.”

Senator Myers, who is also the ranking Red-Green coalition member on the committee, attempted a filibuster of the nomination, but the filibuster failed after a cloture vote passed overwhelmingly with complete Liberty support. Ultimately, the Senate Judiciary Committee approved the nomination of Governor Thompson on a party-line vote of 4-3. The nomination will now go to a full vote on the floor of the Senate.


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