Senate approves Cynthia Thompson as Associate Justice

The Panem Senate voted today to approve Governor Cynthia Thompson of District 5 as Panem’s newest associate justice of the Supreme Court.

The vote, which was blatantly more contentious than that of Francine Ashland Brewster Associate Justice Cynthia Thompsonas Chief Justice, was marked by dissent from the Red-Green Coalition, who alleged that Thompson would only be a Liberty “political hack” while on the bench.

Senator Sadie Myers once again attempted to filibuster the vote, this time with the support of the nine Red-Green coalition members. However, the filibuster was shut down after only ten minutes of speaking when the Liberty Party, who holds twenty-three of thirty-two seats in the Senate (and therefore around 72% of the seats), voted for cloture.

Following this, the nomination was brought to a vote. The vote, in this case a roll-call vote, passed with all twenty-three Liberty members for approval and the nine Red-Green coalition members voting to deny the confirmation.

Following the confirmation, Governor Thompson must resign her position as governor in order to assume her position on the Court. This will elevate Lieutenant Governor Harold Dupont to the governorship of District 5, and he will select his own replacement.


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