Coalition forms in new war against OE

A global coalition with Panem at the helm has formed in the fight versus the Oceanian Empire.

Panem formally declared war against the OE two weeks ago following the previous attacks on the Panem mainland along with the attempted assassination of President Peeta Mellark. It was not long before other nations formed a coalition with Panem to fight the threat of the OE.

The United Kingdom, led by Queen Victoria II and Prime Minister Edith Felton, was the first nation to ally themselves with Panem in this new war. In the Queen’s Speech, Queen Victoria II said the following:

“In this grave hour, I send the following message to every household of our great nation. For the second time in recent history, we are at war. However, this war differs from the previous one. With the previous war, it was waged with nations and armies; with this war, it is individuals. As a nation, we must remain vigilant; we must never give up hope, and we must defend our peace. For we are a nation of freedom, and we must defend freedom here and abroad.”

Prime Minister Felton stated that “we will be the first to offer our ally in North America in their war against the tyranny that is the Oceanian Empire. Never have we seen a threat quite as large and terrifying as this.”

Soon after came the nation of France, led by President Solange Delacroix. Following deadly attacks only two months ago in Nice and Paris, Delacroix pledged support to the coalition, stating, “Never has there been a time for action such as this.”

Soon followed Scotland, the Netherlands, Spain, the Grecorussian Empire, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Italy, the Nordic Republic (formerly the nations of Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Greenland, and Iceland), the Polish-Ukrainian Republic, South Africa, and most notably the Zealandic Republic and Australia. As of now, Ireland remains undecided as they face their next election, with the incumbent government refusing to join the coalition and their opponents championing the coalition. Switzerland has chosen to donate medical assistance but no military assistance, keeping with their tradition of military neutrality.


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