BREAKING: Pres. Mellark formally requests declaration of war from Congress

BREAKING: President Peeta Mellark, back on his feet after the attack intended to take his life, has formally asked the Panem Congress to declare war against the Oceanian Empire and approve the invasion of any states that harbor the group.

The request is unprecedented as Panem has never formally declared war on a group, rather than on a state. The request, however, is bipartisanly supported, with Senator Hanley Trent as sponsor in the Panem Senate and Representative Daniel Hutton as House sponsor.

UPDATE: According to the record, the vote on the bill to approve a state of war with the Oceanian Empire and all those who harbor it has occurred. The bill passed unanimously on a voice vote in the Senate, and in a shocking development, the bill passed the House in a 199-1 vote. The sole opponent was Representative Melinda Straxton (Civic-D3). 

The President issued his formal wartime address to the nation.

“Citizens of Panem, in this last election, you chose me to lead this country. You chose my vision. You entrusted me and my administration to tackle all threats foreign and domestic. Today, that vision continues. Our vision for a safe world, one safe for our children and grandchildren to live in, will be ensured. Today, I formally requested that the Panem Congress formally issue a declaration of war against the Oceanian Empire and any foreign state that harbors and abets the terrorism that OE creates, and the Panem Congress has accepted this request and we have passed it into law. We do not do this lightly. It is with the unwavering confidence in the men and women who serve in our military that we make this decision, and we believe that through their efforts we will eliminate this threat once and for all.”



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