President Mellark returns to active duties

President Peeta Mellark has returned full-time to his position as President of the Republic of Panem, according to his office.

Mellark, who had been gravely injured in an assassination attempt orchestrated by the terrorist group, the Oceanian Empire, addressed the nation following his return to active duty.

“No power, foreign or domestic, will prevent me from fulfilling the oath that I swore during my inauguration. I swore to protect this nation, and that is what I will do. As of today, the Departments of Defense, Homeland Security, and Intelligence are actively searching for the leadership and the headquarters of the Oceanian Empire. This threat is one that we take very seriously, and this will not stand.”

The President did not make any specific remarks mentioning war, though his tone sounded bellicose. Should Panem enter a military conflict against the Oceanian Empire, it is uncertain how this war would shape up. Never before has a war been waged against a power that is defined by its presence, not by a legitimate government and borders.


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