Oceanian Empire takes credit for assassination attempt on Pres. Mellark

The Oceanian Empire, the terrorist group responsible for the deaths of thousands of Panem’s citizens, took credit today for the attempted assassination of President Peeta Mellark.

OE was spawned from radicalized citizens of the Republic of Oceania, one of the world powers responsible for the start of World War IV. The country at the time was the most populous in the world, mostly due to its capital, Jakarta, which was home to 45 million people and was the most populous city in the world. 42 million were killed in the thermonuclear assault launched by Panem’s military under President Katniss Everdeen, who has since described the decision to launch the weapons as “something that weighs upon me every single second of every day.”

Following the Fourth World War, citizens angry at Panem and its allies formed the Oceanian Empire. It is unknown who heads the organization, but it is alleged that the main area that OE controls is centered in mainland China, ranging from Shanghai to Beijing to the Korean Peninsula.

In an encrypted statement, an anonymous spokesman declares that “Panem is set to fall. No longer are we beholden to its imperialism or the globalist empire it creates. The shot at Mellark is a warning. Soon, Mellark will go as will the rest of your government.”

Acting President Rebecca Tarson stated in an address today that the Departments of Defense, Intelligence, and Homeland Security are actively attempting to locate the origin of the video and to identify the person in the video. Secretary of State Celine Oswald has also reached out to Panem’s allies in order to reassure their leaders as well as ensure that the coalition that Panem has built remains strong in the face of this new threat.


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