Tarson attempts to steady country as Mellark fights for life

Acting President Rebecca Tarson on her jet heading to District 4.

Rebecca Tarson never believed she’d run for vice president. She never dreamed of even being governor of District 12.

Now she’s the acting president.

Tarson, who will act as president until further notice due to the assassination attempt on President Peeta Mellark, now must attempt to steady a country reeling from the attempted assassination of its president. There is very little precedent in the Republic of Panem’s history on assassination attempts on the country’s leaders, though there have been some made against governors and cabinet officials. However, looking back into the history prior to the formation of the Republic of Panem, there is precedent regarding assassinations. It isn’t a good parallel.

For our first example, let’s move backward to the attempted formation of the United Districts of Panem. This country, which was the brainchild of District 13’s president, Alma Coin, was the initial successor to the tyrannical regime of Coriolanus Snow. The UDP did not last very long- around two months- before it collapsed under the weight of having no leader. Why no leader? Alma Coin, the new president, was assassinated by Katniss Everdeen. The previous government, the Imperial Republic of Panem, was ended also with an assassination (though it was actually meant to be an execution) of Snow.

As such, Tarson is facing a situation that Panem’s predecessors did not succeed in surpassing. However, she does have a sturdy government to lead, which is better than that of the newborn UDP or the informally-dead IRP.

Tarson is leading the charge in finding the would-be assassins. It is the belief of the administration that this attempt on Mellark’s life was not a lone wolf incident, but one that required a greater conspiracy. At this moment, a single perpetrator has been captured named Thomas Gentry. Under the supervision of the Department of Intelligence, led by former President and Secretary Dale Wilson, Gentry has admitted to being involved in a greater conspiracy. However, further details have not been released as of yet. Nonetheless, Tarson has upped security in the Capitol and in key locations across the districts in preparation for further incidents.

Mellark is still recovering in the Capitol’s main hospital and is in stable condition. It is reported that the President, though unable to fulfill the duties of his office, is awake and optimistic. Doctors are still uncertain of when he will return to his normal duties.


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