BREAKING: President Mellark shot in Capitol, in critical condition

BREAKING: The Panem Free Press is receiving reports that President Peeta Mellark was the victim of an assassination attempt today in the Capitol. Developing…

UPDATE: According to witness reports in the Capitol, The Panem Free Press can affirmatively report that the President, Peeta Mellark, was shot in the Capitol just moments ago. It is unknown if this is a concerted attack by a group or simply a lone perpetrator. We will report more as we have it.

UPDATE 2: The executive branch has put out a statement through the Press Secretary’s office, stating the following:

“We can confirm there has been an incident at Central Plaza in the Capitol an hour ago, where the President was giving a speech regarding his economic plan. At this time, we are not at liberty to discuss the condition or whereabouts of the President, but we can state that the Vice President has been notified of the incident and will address the nation shortly.”

UPDATE 3: The Vice President, Rebecca Tarson, addressed the nation regarding the assassination attempt on President Mellark.

“I was informed around a half hour ago that the President of Panem, Peeta Mellark, was the victim of a heinous attempt on his life following the deliverance of a speech regarding our economic plan. The President was rushed out of the scene of the crime to a hospital, where he is currently undergoing emergency surgery. He is in critical condition, and I ask that everyone pray for the President and for all those affected by the events of today. While we are unsure of many details, including who is the perpetrator of this terrible act, I must deliver a message to all the citizens of this great nation. Panem’s government is still running, and it is still strong. While the President is undergoing surgery and is unable to serve in the full capacity of his office, I will assume the presidency in a provisional manner as enumerated under the Continuation Clause in the Panem Constitution. This is by no means permanent, but rather allowing our government to function during a time of crisis. But have no doubt in your minds: the Panem government is still running, and there is still control.”

UPDATE 4: As previously stated in her address, Rebecca Tarson was sworn in on a temporary basis by Chief Justice Francine Ashland Brewster. She will serve as President until President Mellark recovers enough to assume the duties of the Presidency.

UPDATE 5: President Mellark is reportedly in critical condition, according to aides currently at the hospital. It is unknown if the President will make a full-enough recovery to return to the duties of the Presidency anytime soon.

UPDATE 6: President Mellark has exited surgery and is being kept in ICU under anesthesia, according to the Press Secretary’s office.

UPDATE 7: The Capitol Police have arrested a suspect, Thomas Gentry, in the case of the attempted assassination of the President of Panem. The Police are also looking for further accomplices as Gentry is not believed to have acted alone.

UPDATE 8: Acting President Tarson has ordered a complete investigation into the incident today, starting with security protocol and staffing along with responsibility for the incident.


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