BREAKING: Pres. Mellark to appoint Gov. Cynthia Thompson to vacant SC spot

BREAKING: Governor Cynthia Thompson (Liberty-D5) will be President Peeta Mellark’s nominee for the Supreme Court vacancy left by Francine Ashland Brewster, who was elevated to the position of Chief Justice only a month ago.

Thompson, the incumbent governor of District 5, has seen a rapid ascension in Panem’s politics, both elected and appointed. Thompson is married to one of Panem’s most recognizable faces, former Governor, Vice President, and current Secretary Tyler Thompson. As such, she has previously served in the role of First Lady of District 5 and Second Lady of Panem. She’s also been independently successful. Her tenure as Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, which she served as for six years prior to her husband’s initial run for governor, was marked as one of the most eventful in Panem’s early history. Thompson oversaw cases such as Steinhagen v. Paylor, which determined that the powers of executive orders by the President were much too broad and overreaching and thus limited the executive branch’s powers.

Following her husband’s nomination and confirmation as vice president, Thompson began looking at the possibility of a political career of her own. This look into politics became an ascension virtually unseen in Panem’s political scene. Thompson decided there was no better time to run than when then-Governor Sophia Delacruz decided to forgo reelection in the midterms in order to run in a special election for the Senate, leaving a potential open seat. She announced her campaign promptly after Delacruz’s announcement, setting off a campaign for her husband’s former office.

A kink was thrown in the plan, but not an unforeseen one. Delacruz, to no surprise, was elected senator and resigned her position, elevating Douglas Boyd to the governorship. This put Thompson in a precarious position, as she now possibly faced an incumbent governor for the Liberty nod. However, what Thompson did not expect was an offer from Governor Boyd to serve as his lieutenant governor. This offer reportedly took Thompson aback, as she was set to face off against him, but she nonetheless took up the offer. According to sources close to Boyd, this offer was supposed to remove Thompson from the race and allow for Boyd to win the nomination for governor. However, that is not what happened.

Thompson decided that her campaign would continue. Boyd also decided that he wanted to remain governor and threw his hat in the ring. This set up a political battle and media frenzy as a governor faced off against his lieutenant governor for the nomination of their party. The fight was fierce, with both candidates ripping into each other, with Thompson calling Boyd “inexperienced and disqualified” and Boyd calling Thompson “a political opportunist more worried about her future presidential run than the district.” Civic and Labor both attempted to field strong candidates in an attempt to capitalize on the Liberty war in the primaries. The primary election yielded a stunning result for Governor Boyd’s campaign: he fielded 48 percent against Thompson’s 38 percent, with the other 14 percent going mostly towards a protest candidate. This launched the primary season into a runoff, as District 5 governs on majority elections, not plurality elections. Thompson viewed this as her shot to make a major comeback as she believed that Boyd’s turnout would drop due to the idea that Boyd was looking at an inevitable win. Thompson proved correct, as Boyd’s lax campaigning and his lethargic supporters caused him to have a double digit loss in the runoff, with Thompson garnering 64 percent of the vote to Boyd’s 36 percent. Despite the bruising primary and the left’s attempt to field viable candidates, Thompson easily swept the floor in the general election, winning 59 percent of the vote on election day.

As governor, Thompson has maintained high approval ratings, and for good reason. Under Governor Thompson, District 5 has rated as one of the best districts in education and has maintained the district’s success in transportation. She’s also known for her accountability- once, she heard an aide was openly using his position for favors, and he was met at his home with a stern notice of dismissal- and for her honesty. She has sought reelection once, winning the governorship again against minimal competition with 79 percent of the vote.

The nomination of Thompson to the Supreme Court is expected to be met with more contention than that of Francine Ashland Brewster’s nomination as Chief Justice only a month ago. While Brewster was viewed as one of the greatest judicial minds in Panem’s history, Labor and Civic have already expressed their discontent with President Mellark’s choice, stating that “more and more we see that one party rules all three branches of the government, and that is what prevents the citizens of Panem from experiencing true change. We will do what we can to block the confirmation of Cynthia Thompson, who we view as yet another Liberty Party partisan.”


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