Labor and Civic Parties announce formation of Red-Green Coalition

The Labor Party and Civic Party have announced the formation of a “Red-Green coalition” in preparation for the midterms in two years.

“It’s far past time that centre-left parties coalesce to end the right wing’s hold on Panem,” exclaimed Felicia Ren, the governor of District 8 and two-time Labor presidential nominee. “We are better together rather than apart. The last four years under President Canth and the eight years prior under President Everdeen are plenty reason to provide a centre-left alternative.”

“That’s right,” said former President Cecelia Paylor. “Under President Everdeen, we experienced two deadly wars and multiple invasions. We experienced, ironically, a loss of liberty under President Everdeen. That continued in the worst way under President Canth; now we are stuck with the threat of the OE, a deep recession.”

“That’s why we are announcing the formation of the Red-Green Coalition today,” noted Ren. “It’s time for a viable left-wing alternative. As such, we are recognizing that we have more in common than not, and it’s high time to unite.”

The announcement was not considered a game changer by political analysts. “They already vote together,” stated one PFP analyst. “Why bother with this when they are gonna field congressional candidates separately anyway?”

Another analyst noted that this could affect districtwide elections more. “While they are still trying to maintain party autonomy, it’s apparent that some districtwide candidates are virtually the same in ideology. This worked for the Conservatives in District 10 when they latched onto Xavier Hansen’s Liberty bid and combined forces and funding.”


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