BREAKING: Pres. Mellark to nominate Assoc. Justice Francine Ashland Brewster as Chief Justice

BREAKING: President Peeta Mellark (Liberty-D12) has chosen to nominate Associate Justice Francine Ashland Brewster of District 6 as his choice to replace current Chief Justice Sean Wheeler (D10). 

Justice Francine Ashland Brewster, or FAB as she is called by her many adoring fans, has served on the nation’s highest court since the creation of the Republic of Panem eighteen years ago.  She has been a leading conservative voice on the court and wrote the historic dissent on the case of Oswald v. Canth, whichJustice Francine Ashland Brewster virtually determined the next president of Panem. She also authored the majority opinion on the landmark cases of Morrison v. Everdeen, which upheld the acquisition of District 14, and Everdeen v. Panem, which determined that while federal elections cannot be postponed for any reason, district elections may be postponed. Brewster has been dubbed previously by political analysts as the “deputy chief justice” due to her outspokenness and many delivered opinions.

Justice Brewster, if confirmed, will become the first female Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Panem. This is an important feat, considering that the Supreme Court as it stands contains eleven Justice Francine Ashland Brewsterjustices, of which there are two women (including Brewster) and seven men.

Brewster’s nomination will likely pass the Senate with flying colors. As a justice, Brewster has been highly acclaimed by both the reigning Liberty Party and the opposition that includes the Centre, Conservative, Labor, and Civic Parties.

President Mellark said the following in his announcement:

“Justice Brewster has been a champion for the values that all Panem citizens share. As an associate justice of the Court, Justice Brewster has become one of the most experienced and outspoken members of our judiciary, setting legal precedent for a nation that has gone from youth to prosperity. It is my contention that Justice Brewster is not only the most qualified candidate for this position, but that she was, in my mind, the only candidate for the position.”

The President also noted that his nomination of a new Associate Justice would be made as soon as possible to ensure the continuity of the Court.


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