INAUGURATION DAY: Peeta Mellark, Rebecca Tarson sworn in as President and VP

Today marked the inauguration of Panem’s fifth president, Peeta Mellark (Liberty Party-District 12), and Panem’s sixth vice president, Rebecca Tarson (Liberty Party-District 12). Presidential Inauguration of Peeta MellarkThe pair were elected among the largest Liberty sweep in Panem history. Below are some of the largest electoral victories made by Liberty during this past election:

  • President: Peeta Mellark. Mellark was elected president in a landslide and record-breaking victory, winning 64 percent of the vote and 118 electoral votes. This is widely attributed to his campaign, which was notably effective, as well as the electoral circumstances.
  • Vice President: Rebecca Tarson. Like Mellark, Tarson was elected in a landslide, winning 62 percent of the vote and 118 electoral votes.
  • In the districtwide elections, Liberty now holds thirteen governorships, lieutenant governorships, and district legislatures, with the following elected this election:
    • Governors: Zane Tempore (D1), Vance Fletcher (D11)
    • Lt. Governors: Laila Freedman (D1), Reyna Fults (D6), Wesley North (D11)
  • In the race for control of the Senate, the composition of the Panem Senate remained the same with 20 Liberty senators, 6 Labor senators, and 4 Civic senators. Thus, Liberty has a 2/3 majority.
  • In the race for control of the House, the composition of the Panem House of Representatives now is 115 Liberty representatives, 36 Centre representatives, 34 Labor representatives, 9 Civic representatives, 5 Conservative representatives, and 1 independent representatives. Liberty now has 57.5 percent of the members of the House, giving them a majority but short of the 60 percent threshold for a supermajority. However, considering that they rebounded from having to make a coalition last midterm to a healthy majority this election, it’s simple to see that this is a large gain. The leaders of each party in the House are;
    • Presumptive Speaker of the House of Representatives: Constantin Richelieu (Liberty-D14)
    • House Majority Leader (thus, Liberty Party leader): Miranda O’Neal (Liberty-D13)
    • Leader of the Opposition (thus, Centre Party leader): Daniel Hutton
    • Labor leader: Teraton Wendle
    • Civic leader: Georgia Landon
    • Conservative leader: Kari Lyles
  • If the nominations of President-elect Mellark are confirmed, the following will become governor:
    • Felix Warren, District 2
    • Antonio Wallace, District 4
    • Mason Wallace, District 7
    • Royce Melbourne, District 14

Vice President-elect Rebecca Tarson (Liberty-D12) was the first to arrive, coming in her motorcade from 1 Corsican Circle, with Vice President Harold Cersisa in tow. Also in the motorcade was Second Gentleman-designate Nathaniel Tarson. Vice President-elect Tarson ascended the steps of the Capitol towards the center dais, where she would be inaugurated. Surrounded by Panem Secret Service members, Tarson was administered the oath of office for the Vice Presidency by Chief Justice Sean Wheeler.

Due to a technicality in the Panem Constitution, the Vice President-elect always is sworn in prior to the presidential inauguration. This is due to the possible circumstance of the president’s death prior to the vice presidential inauguration, which would hence cause a constitutional crisis. Therefore, upon inauguration, the Vice President becomes Acting President for at least two hours until the presidential inauguration.

And thus, Vice President-elect Tarson became Vice President and acting President Tarson. Vice President Tarson gave her inaugural address:

“My friends, a new day has begun in the nation of Panem! No longer will there be corruption at the highest levels of our government. No longer will we stand for officials that do not listen. Today, those realities end and new ones begin. It is time to repair our nation and remind one another that not all hope is lost- but rather, hope should be found in the direst of circumstances. We have been through the worst that a country can experience, and yet we persist, for there is no greater nation on Earth. Panem will forever be a beacon to the rest of the world, a shining example of freedom and democracy; no matter what we experience, we will always return to that reality.” — Vice President Rebecca Tarson (Liberty Party-District 12)

Immediately following the speech of Vice President Tarson, the President-elect’s motorcade left Stonehaven (or the Presidential Mansion) for the inauguration. In the motorcade were President-elect Peeta Mellark, former President and First Lady-designate Katniss Everdeen, President Dale Wilson, and First Lady Margaret Wilson. The four exited the motorcade to much fanfare, especially for the President-elect and former President Everdeen, who remains one of Panem’s most beloved figures.

President-elect Mellark and former President Everdeen ascended the steps together in what is being dubbed one of the most iconic moments in Panem’s political history. At the top of the steps waiting was Chief Justice Sean Wheeler, who administered the oath of office to Everdeen twice before. Now, he is to administer it to her husband for his first term as President. Once Wheeler administers the oath, the crowd roared with approval at their new president and first lady. Former President Dale Wilson ascended first to the podium to deliver his farewell address to the nation:

“Though I only served as president for a month, I hope that I have made all the difference for Panem. I hope that I helped Panem through one of its toughest times. I hope that I helped Panem heal from the wounds of the past. I hope that I set up the future of Panem for our children and grandchildren. And most of all, I hope that I have succeeded in fulfilling my oath of office by protecting, defending, and upholding the Constitution of the Republic of Panem. It has been the greatest honor to serve as President of the Republic of Panem. Thank you and God bless the nation of Panem.” — Former President Dale Wilson (Liberty Party-District 4)

Following his address, President Peeta Mellark came to the podium to deliver his inaugural address:

“Let me open with this: Where there is discord, may we bring harmony. Where there is error, may we bring truth. Where there is doubt, may we bring faith. And where there is despair, may we bring hope. This prayer, the Prayer of St. Francis, is the exact line I thought of after the events that have unfolded over the past few months. As a nation, we have faced the worst, more than most countries have imagined. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It is time for a new Panem century. We will return to being a guiding light for our world…We will return to ensuring the safety of our citizens and ensuring justice for all. We will return to being a prosperous nation after all that has happened, and that’s the honest truth. Though we may have had discord, we are not too far gone to have harmony. Though we may have had error, we can gain the truth. Though we may have had doubts, faith is not lost. And though we may have had despair, we now have hope. Thank you all for the trust that you have given me. God bless you, God bless this government, and God bless the Republic of Panem.”



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