President-elect Mellark lays out transition plans

The President-elect of Panem, Peeta Mellark, laid out his plans today for his transition along with the naming of his transition team.

The President-elect indicated that he would request office space near the Capitol building before moving into the Presidential Mansion in January. He also named current Vice President Harold Cersisa as his Chief of Staff.

The following is the list of transition team members and their positions:

  • Transition Chair: Wendy Oppenheim, D13 Senator
  • Transition Co-Chair: Trenton Escavel, D9 Governor
  • General Counsel: Karina Erickson, former Attorney General
  • Director of Appointments: Harold Cersisa, Vice President and Chief of Staff to the President-elect

Other senior members include:


  • Alexandra West (D1)
  • Vance James (D2)
  • Cason Hampton (D2)
  • Amanda Qurius (D5)
  • Sophia Delacruz (D5)
  • James Peliot, former (D5)
  • Layla Folsom (D8)
  • Kendal Folsom (D8)
  • Michael Debroff (D11)
  • Quake Jones (D11)
  • Hanley Trent (D12)
  • Robert Kelso, former (D12)
  • Ronald Brown (D13)


  • Bella Taylor (D2)
  • Rosalie Underwood (D4)
  • Cynthia Thompson (D5)
  • Douglas Boyd, former (D5)
  • Festus Ashland (D6)
  • Amy Oaksmith (D7)
  • Isabel Holland, former (D8)
  • Xavier Hansen (D10)
  • Gertrude Hampton, former (D12)
  • Owen Talton (D13)
  • Rosalie Descoteaux (D14)
  • Gale Hawthorne (D15)

Former Vice Presidents:

  • Plutarch Heavensbee (Capitol)
  • Tyler Thompson (D5)
  • Celine Oswald (D13)

Cabinet members:

  • Jonathan Madison, Defense secretary (D4)
  • Cynthia Garth, former Commerce secretary (D5)
  • Polly Hector, former Agriculture secretary (D11)
  • Haymitch Abernathy, Homeland Security secretary (D12)
  • Walter Singleton, Energy secretary (D12)
  • Beetee Latier, Communications secretary (D15)

The President-elect met with outgoing President Dale Wilson on Tuesday to discuss the upcoming transition of power. The transition is expected to be like all others in Panem’s recent history: completely peaceful.


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