BREAKING: Senate reaches verdict in Canth impeachment

BREAKING: We have received reports that the Panem Senate is returning from deliberations, having reached a final verdict in the impeachment trial of President Rick Canth (Conservative-D7). Developing…

UPDATE: We can now confirm that the Senate has voted 30-0 in favor of the impeachment and removal of President Rick Canth from his office. Found guilty on all counts, Canth now becomes the first Panem President to be impeached and removed from office. 

Sentencing, according to the Chief Justice Sean Wheeler, will be held by the Supreme Court next week. It is expected that the now-former President will receive the maximum sentence of forty years total.

The counsel for Mr. Canth stated the following to the press:

“Mr. Canth has a right to privacy even after what has happened. I expect that right to be respected.”

UPDATE 2: The new President of the Republic of Panem, Dale Wilson, was inaugurated as Panem’s fourth president and delivered the following address from the Capitol:

“It is with great regret that I announce today that Rick Canth will no longer serve as the President of the Republic of Panem. Following his trial in the Senate which found him guilty on all charges, he has been removed from the Presidency. As such, under the Panem Constitution, I have assumed the office of the Presidency. It is with little joy and much sadness. I will serve faithfully until the inauguration of President-elect Peeta Mellark in January. Today was a dark day for our nation. However, while this day will be remembered as a terrible day, we can ensure from this point onwards that the brightness of the future will drown out the sorrow of the past. Thank you.”

The President-elect issued the following statement:

“Our sorrow for the events of today bridges partisan lines. Today, Panem faces the reality that even our highest officials can be corrupted. However, today also brings a glimmer of hope; it shows that no matter how high our officials may be, they are still citizens of Panem and subject to the same laws that work for all of us. I will work with President Wilson to ensure a peaceful transition following these events.”

UPDATE 3: We now have reports that President Wilson has selected and nominated former Treasury Secretary Harold Cersisa for the Vice Presidency. The Senate reportedly approved Cersisa unanimously.


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