President-elect Mellark announces Cabinet nominations

President-elect Peeta Mellark (Liberty Party-D12) has announced his picks for his Cabinet. The list is as follows:

Secretary of State: Celine Oswald (Liberty Party-District 13)

Secretary of Defense: Jonathan Madison (Liberty Party-District 4)

Secretary of the Interior: Amy Oaksmith (Liberty Party-District 7)

Secretary of the Treasury: Rosalie Descoteaux (Liberty Party-District 14)

Secretary of Intelligence: Dale Wilson (Liberty Party-District 4)

Attorney General (head of the Department of Justice): Alexandra West (Liberty Party-District 1)

Secretary of International Trade: Cynthia Garth (Liberty Party-District 5)

Secretary of Global Development: Effie Trinket (Liberty Party-Capitol)

Secretary of Commerce: Tyler Thompson (Liberty Party-District 5)

Secretary of Energy: Walter Singleton (Liberty Party-District 12)

Secretary of Communications: Beetee Latier (Liberty Party-District 3)

Secretary of Transportation: James Peliot (Liberty Party-District 5)

Secretary of Agriculture: Quake Jones (Liberty Party-District 11)

Secretary of Homeland Security: Haymitch Abernathy (Independent-District 12)

Secretary of Labor: Raphaël Maçon (Liberty Party-District 14)

Secretary of Health and Human Services: Bella Taylor (Liberty Party-District 2)

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development: Rosalie Underwood (Liberty Party-District 4)

In his picks for Cabinet-level positions that are not formally part of the Cabinet, President-elect Mellark selected the following:

National Security Advisor: Cecelia Paylor (Civic Party-District 8)

Ambassador to the Council of Nations: Elizabeth Steinbeck (Independent-District 8)

This Cabinet is the most partisan of any presidential Cabinet, with every member of the official Cabinet being a member of the Liberty Party sans Haymitch Abernathy, who is a family friend of President-elect Mellark. However, two opponents were incorporated into Cabinet-level positions, which prevents them from participating in the line of succession but allows their input in official Cabinet meetings. Also notable are the requested additions of three Cabinet departments: the Department of Labor, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the Department of Housing and Urban Development.


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