Did President Canth inadvertently reveal classified info?

The new question of the day: did the President of the Republic of Panem reveal classified information by storing it on an unsecured server? While last week was all to do with the Maxwell/Germaine campaign and their possible wrongdoings, this week seems to have come back around to President Canth.

The email dump of last night, coming from a source in the Grecorussian Empire that has been confirmed by the Panem Bureau of Investigation as the same source of the document dump from the Maxwell/Germaine campaign last week, has revealed startling information at the top levels of the Panem government, specifically that of the executive branch and the presidency.

Issue One: Did the President store classified information on an unsecured server or transfer classified information by means that weren’t secured?

The server breached, according to the PBI, was not properly secured. Panem’s laws on security for computer servers that store classified information were recently updated to be more stringent than they were in the past under the Everdeen administration, but the server reportedly had not been updated yet. It also appears that classified information was transmitted to the unsecured accounts of multiple aides in the president’s office, though it is not certain if these emails were considered classified at the time of delivery.

Issue Two: Was the president’s office involved with a pay-for-play scheme?

A major issue coming out of the Maxwell/Germaine is the alleged pay-for-play scheme that the campaign is supposedly participating in. As is well known in political circles, such schemes are illegal and are prosecutable as a first-degree felony corruption charge. It appears based on emails sent between two presidential aides that something resembling a pay-for-play scheme was going on; the email conversation included references to a “high-up donor who wants to see the President” and that “he’s donated enough money, let’s put him on the schedule.” In another exchange, aides said of another donor that “if he donates some more, he’ll be an ambassador or something.”

Issue Three: Was the president’s office involved with a cover-up of electoral fraud?

Everyone remembers the massive electoral fraud investigation following President Canth’s first year in office. Many have alleged that even though the investigation concluded that President Canth himself was not to blame for his campaign staff’s unapproved actions, this was untrue and his involvement was covered up. Emails from the presidential office indicate that some sort of cover-up ensued when it became clear that the President could be impeached for his involvement. “Tell Jackson it’s his job to fix this,” stated Kendrick Tompkins, the President’s chief of staff, in an email to the chief of staff for Representative Jackson Canth, who then served as the House head for the Joint Special Committee on Presidential Election Bribery. In yet another email, the President himself asked about the investigation from Tompkins, who sent back, “It’s handled.”

What happens now?

With the President on the cusp of a humiliating loss in November, there’s little doubt that this will ruin him politically. More important is the possibility of impeachment. Liberty backbenchers in the House such as Isabella Croft and George Vandevender have already stated that they would support the filing of impeachment charges, as did Centre Party leader Daniel Hutton, Civic Party leader Georgia Landon, and Labor Party leader Teraton Wendle. There is also talk among Conservatives regarding the rescinding of endorsements, party switching, and refusing to support the party line in a possible indictment. What happens next is anyone’s guess, but it cannot be anything good for the Conservative Party.


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