BREAKING: Presidential servers hacked by international source

BREAKING: The servers of President Rick Canth (Conservative-D7) were hacked late last night by an anonymous international source in a breach much akin to that of independent presidential contender Robert F. Maxwell’s just a week prior.

Reports say that the breach occurred around 11 PM CST, coming yet again from a source located within the Grecorussian Empire. This is the second such breach from within the bounds of the Empire, which is a major geopolitical power in Eastern Europe and one that is constantly at odds with the nation of Panem. More to come…

UPDATE: The President’s office issued the following statement:

“At approximately 11 PM Central Standard Time, the servers of the President were breached by an anonymous international source. We are assessing the damage of a breach and the implications of such an action. We do not believe at this time that this was perpetrated by any foreign government. We will have a formal press conference featuring the president following the conclusion of our preliminary investigation and assessment of damages.”


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