BREAKING: Independent counsel finds criminal wrongdoing in Canth case

BREAKING: An independent counsel has found criminal wrongdoing in the case of the actions of President Rick Canth (Conservative-D7) and his presidential staff, including chief of staff Kendrick Tompkins.

The counsel, appointed by Secretary Cecelia Paylor’s Department of Justice, recommended criminal charges be filed for the following criminal actions:

  • In the case of a possible pay-for-play scheme, the counsel recommended charges for corruption in the case of Kendrick Tompkins and multiple aides involved.
  • In the case of the unsecured email server and the transmission of emails via unsecured means, the counsel recommended no charges due to the lack of knowledge that the server or means were insecure, thus bringing a lack of intent necessary to indict.
  • In the case of electoral fraud, the counsel recommended one charge of electoral fraud, one charge of corruption by a public official, one charge of obstruction of justice, and two charges of perjury for President Rick Canth on the grounds that he was intimately involved with a cover-up with electoral fraud, obstructed a Congressional and federal investigation into aforementioned electoral fraud, and then lied directly to federal investigators and the Joint Special Committee on Presidential Election Bribery about his involvement in the scandal.

Following the release of the report by the independent counsel, Attorney General Cecelia Paylor stated that as a presidential contender this election she could not act impartially in this case and recused herself from any future actions. Her deputy attorney general, Karson Weeks, stated that should an impeachment occur, the Department of Justice would appoint a special prosecutor to take the case.

UPDATE: The office of the President issued the following statement:

“Though the President personally disagrees with the independent counsel’s interpretation of the findings, the President apologizes for any potential wrongdoing that occurred under his tenure by his staff or himself.”


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