BREAKING: House of Reps. votes to impeach President Canth

BREAKING: In an expedited vote, the Panem House of Representatives has voted in a 142-58 bipartisan vote to impeach President Rick Canth (Conservative Party-D7) for the crimes of perjury, obstruction of justice, corruption of a public official, and electoral fraud.

The articles of impeachment were initially filed by Liberty Party leader Miranda O’Neal (Liberty Party-D13) and co-sponsored by Labor leader Teraton Wendle (Labor Party-D2), Civic leader Georgia Landon (Civic Party-D13), and Centre leader Daniel Hutton (Centre Party-D15). The bill was immediately sent to the Committee on the Judiciary, who quickly voted in a 15-3 vote to send the articles onward to a floor vote.

Despite the leader of their party being subject to the impeachment in question, twenty Conservative members of the House voted in favor of the articles to impeach. Representative Jackson Canth, who is also likely to face charges and an expulsion from the House of Representatives, abstained from the vote today.

In addition, the Liberty Party announced today that their joint government with the Conservatives and Centre Party would cease immediately following the allegations. The Liberty Party then invited Centre to join them in a majority government along with any independent representatives, including the fourteen Conservative representatives who left the party in disgust following the revelations. One representative of the Conservative Party officially moved his membership to the Liberty Party, stating, “This is not what I signed up for.” The senators that jointly represented the Liberty and Conservative Parties in the Senate have all announced that they are suspending any and all affiliation with the Conservatives, leaving the Conservatives with no foothold on the Senate. In addition, Governor Xavier Hansen and Lt. Governor Maci Ehrlich, the top two executives of District 10, have also announced that they would cease their joint membership with the Conservative Party, stating that “we want to represent the best interests of District 10, but the actions of President Canth directly and terribly affect all of us.”

UPDATE: The President gave an address on the matter today. Here’s an excerpt.

“Citizens of Panem, today articles of impeachment were filed against me. The charges in these articles are unfounded and do not hold up against the truth. My opponents yet again are pulling a stunt to prevent the functioning of government. I do plan to fight these charges tooth and nail, and I do not plan to resign the office of the Presidency of Panem nor do I plan to end my campaign for reelection to the office of the Presidency of Panem. My commitment to my country goes much farther than those who give up on it because the going gets tough. I ask you to pray for me, my family, and for our country in this difficult time.”

And the Liberty, Labor, Centre, and Civic Parties issued a joint response:

“Mr. President, these statements are not unfounded. They are as real and as frightening as lightning and thunder, and they cannot be ignored. We have voted together for the first time in recent history on the grounds that we must remove from office someone who is no longer fit to hold it. We call on you to end your campaign for reelection and to gracefully exit the Presidency by the means of resignation before a full trial causes unneeded strife on the nation of Panem and disgraces the office that you now hold.”


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