DARK TIMES: Maxwell document dump raises legal and ethical questions

The dump of alleged Maxwell/Germaine campaign documents reveals the woes of a first-timer’s campaign for political office while also raising significant questions regarding presidential candidate Robert F. Maxwell and vice presidential candidate Lynn Germaine’s campaign for the Capitol.

The Panem Free Press delved into the documents released and discovered massive amounts of questionable behavior.

First came Mr. Maxwell’s financial improprieties. Documents from the Monday morning document dump show clear discussion of the moving of campaign funds and private funds between the campaign and the Maxwell Corporation. This was discussed independently from Secretary Germaine’s campaign for vice president, as it was dated prior to her entry or her affiliation with Mr. Maxwell.

However, there’s also clear conversations of a pay-for-play scheme that were dated during the general election campaign. Several high profile Conservative Party donors, seeking inside access to a potential Maxwell administration, had meetings at length with high ranking campaign staffers and at least once with the candidates themselves. Follow-up emails were sent to the aforementioned donors regarding the previous conversations, revealing that at least one donor was promised a “inside track” in a potential Maxwell administration in exchange for a significant donation.

On lesser notes, the documents that were dumped discussed actions that were ethically objectionable, but not illegal.

For example, a strategic plan to combat the Canth campaign’s attempt to woo independents involved multiple methods to “drag Canth’s name through the mud,” as the document put it. This included alleging infidelity or “another sort of personal scandal.” Ultimately, the Maxwell campaign decided to choose another option on the list- alleging widespread voter fraud by the Canth campaign and linking it to the electoral fraud of Canth’s initial election as president.

Another document released is the opposition research on Maxwell and Germaine themselves. The document at forty pages long provides plenty of issues with the two candidates, starting with the philandering of the presidential candidate. Though this has been no secret, the oppo research indicates that Maxwell had been involved with multiple more women than initially expected. It also alleges that he has engaged in multiple same-sex affairs as well, though the document states that this is unsubstantiated. It also references his business dealings and possible improprieties in his business and charitable foundation.

On Germaine, the document discusses possible shortcuts used by the Secretary at the Department of Intelligence. Though not technically illegal, the ethicality of said shortcuts would be considered objectionable. The document also raises questions of her personal life. Secretary Germaine is divorced and has no children of her own.

The Maxwell/Germaine campaign, as promised, did deliver a press conference featuring the candidates following the PBI investigation of the incident. The conference was nothing short of a political disaster as the press pestered the candidates on the documents enclosed in the dump.

Maxwell was asked about his personal life, answering, “I don’t see how this is anyone’s business but my own. My personal life has been open to the public for years, but this level of intrusion by the press is unprecedented. Let’s discuss more meaningful topics.”

The press then discussed the alleged financial improprieties. “Mr. Maxwell, did you illegally move funds between your corporation and your campaign during the primaries as indicated by multiple emails released?” Maxwell shot back, “Of course I did not. Money laundering is not a behavior that I engage in, not now, not ever.”

Then came the questions regarding pay-for-play. “There are specific references to what appears to be a pay-for-play scheme in the documents and emails released. Did you two engage in such a plot?” Germaine responded, “We of course meet with donors. That isn’t illegal, nor unethical. But we certainly did not promise anything in order to receive their endorsement or contribution.”

According to polls following the fallout of the incident, it appears that support for the independent ticket has dropped significantly. Below is our most recent polling of the presidential and VP races.


Senator Peeta Mellark (Lib) –  52 percent

Governor Felicia Ren (Lab) – 18 percent

Mr. Robert F. Maxwell (Ind) – 8 percent

Fmr. Governor Elizabeth Steinbeck (Ind) – 7 percent

Secretary Cecelia Paylor (Civ) – 3 percent

President Rick Canth (Cons) – 2 percent

Undecided – 10 percent


Governor Rebecca Tarson (Lib) –  47 percent

Secretary Samuel Trenton (Civ) – 17 percent

Dst. Representative Pauline Crystal (Ind) – 12 percent

Secretary Joan Kindred (Lab) – 10 percent

Secretary Lynn Germaine (Ind) – 6 percent

Representative Jackson Canth (Cons) – 1 percent

Undecided – 7 percent


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