BREAKING: Maxwell campaign hacked, PBI investigating

BREAKING: According to sources inside the Maxwell/Germaine campaign, the campaign was hacked by an unknown entity last night around 2 AM CST. The Panem Bureau of Investigation has begun a thorough investigation of the incident. We will inform you when there is more information available.

UPDATE: Documents released by an internationally based anonymous source appear to be stolen directly from the servers of the Maxwell/Germaine campaign. Around 15,000 files were uploaded by an anonymous user. More to come…

UPDATE 2: The Maxwell/Germaine campaign issued a press statement in response to the incident:

“It has come to our attention that around 2 AM Central Standard Time last night the servers of our campaign headquarters in District 4 were hacked by an unknown assailant. The Panem Bureau of Investigation is currently on the case to see what sort of damage has been done, who perpetrated this crime, and what their intent was. As far as we can tell, the personal information of all employees and donors was left untouched by the intruders.

We also are aware of the document dump that allegedly consists of Maxwell/Germaine campaign files. We can neither confirm nor deny that these files are indeed from our servers, and we will not comment on the matter further until the PBI has concluded their investigation of the incident. At that time, a press conference will be held to address any and all questions that the media may have regarding the unauthorized access of our campaign servers. Thank you for your time.”

UPDATE 3: The Panem Bureau of Investigation has concluded their initial investigation of the hacking, stating that “this intrusion is likely the work of international hackers.” They stated that they were most likely from the Grecorussian Empire, based on the information the PBI procured.


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