BREAKING: Judge rules that Steinbeck/Crystal may debate

BREAKING: A federal judge from the 4th Court of Appeals in District 10 ruled today that the independent ticket of Elizabeth Steinbeck and Pauline Crystal are eligible under the rules of the Panem Debate Council to compete in future federal election debates.

The ticket had sued the PDC on the grounds that they were registered legally under the “Independent Party” label, as per federal law that requires all candidates for federal office to register with a party. The “Independent Party” is the catch-all label that functions in the case that a candidate is not competing with a true party. The attorneys of Steinbeck and Crystal argued that since the “Independent Party” is a federally registered party, the ticket qualifies as it reaches five percent nationally in the last five successive polls. The opposing counsel argued unsuccessfully that while the “Independent Party” is federally registered, it is not a true political party due to a lack of cohesion and party organization. If the opposing counsel had succeeded, Steinbeck and Crystal likely would not have qualified for any future debate as they would have had to reach ten percent in five successive polls to qualify.


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