First presidential and VP debate lineups announced

The Panem Debate Council announced today the candidates for president and vice president that qualified for the first presidential and VP debates. Podium configuration is determined by polling, with lowest towards the outside and the inmost having the highest polling percentages.

The lineup, in order of podiums left to right, is as follows:

  • President: Secretary Paylor, President Canth, Senator Mellark, Mr. Maxwell, Governor Ren
  • Vice President: Secretary Trenton, Secretary Germaine, Governor Tarson, Representative Canth, Secretary Kindred

Former Governor Elizabeth Steinbeck was denied a spot in the presidential debate due to falling short of the qualifications set forth by the PDC. Steinbeck’s office issued the following statement:

“The Panem Debate Council is denying a viable contender for the presidency by informing Governor Steinbeck that she will not be able to debate. These qualifications that the PDC set for the debates are deliberately set to prevent Governor Steinbeck from obtaining a platform to inform Panem of her plan for the nation. Governor Steinbeck has decided to hold a major rally in District 15 during the time of the debate, in which a major announcement will be made.”

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