The Conservative National Convention in District 2 was completely chaotic and raucous at times as the Canth/Canth ticket faced off against the challenging Maxwell/Germaine ticket for the Conservative Party nominations for president and vice president.

The following statements are from minor speakers:

  • “Our nominee will be one that all Panem citizens can rally around. We may not know who it is, but I am sure of that.” — Belinda Copley, District 6 Lieutenant Governor
  • “Conservatives, do not give up hope. We can win this, no matter who wins what nomination. Our vision is sound, and it is one that has succeeded for four years. We must rally around our nominees, and we must win this for our country.” — Maci Ehrlich, District 10 Lieutenant Governor

The following statements are from the nomination process:

  • “Four years ago, I was up onstage accepting the vice presidential nomination. We had a vision, one that was not limited to a single party. While that vision lived on with President Canth, I lost. However, the party did not lose, and they will not lose this fall. It is my honor to place into nomination for the Conservative Party presidential nomination my former running mate, incumbent President Richard Canth.” — Secretary of the Treasury and former VP nominee Kurtis Pierce
  • “The last time we were at a convention, it was groundbreaking. We had founded a new party, and we managed to elect someone to the office of the presidency on our first try. Well, as we found, this new President was not one that we could rally around. It’s time to rally around a new nominee, and I hereby nominate that nominee: Mr. Robert F. Maxwell.” — District 10 Governor Xavier Hansen
  • “The Canth family is an honorable Panem family. Why have just one when we can have two? I nominate Representative Jackson Canth for the vice presidential nomination of the Conservative Party.” — Secretary of the Interior Delia Sutherland
  • “Over the past four years watching the Canth administration, I’ve learned that governmental transparency is not a thing to expect. It’s time for that to change, and I nominate that change today for vice president: Secretary Lynn Germaine.” — Secretary of Global Development Jack Oliver

The following is an excerpt of the keynote address, given by Governor Kaitlyn Jones of District 10.

“For me, there is no party that represents me besides this party. Before the Conservative Party was founded, I was an independent, never finding any sort of candidate that I could believe in. Now, I have found that party. I have resolved myself to this party and I believe that even in the face of heated competition and disagreement, there should be a loyalty to the party that transcends hatred and disgust. We are Conservatives. We vote Conservative. Let’s put aside this talk of independent runs and voting for someone who isn’t our nominee simply because of some data that was thrown around. We cannot afford another loss to the Liberty Party, and we will not lose if we are united. I call upon everyone who is a Conservative to support our nominee, whether it is President Canth for another term or Mr. Maxwell for his first term. United we stand, or divided we fall.”

Following the keynote, the balloting for the vice presidential nomination began.

The first ballot was as follows:

Secretary Lynn Germaine:                                     2,250 delegates

Representative Jackson Canth:                         2,250 delegates

Following the tallying of results, the convention floor broke out into rioting. Infuriated at the dead tie, both Germaine and Canth supporters resorted to violence, having to be broken up by convention security.

All delegates were unbound following the failure to select a candidate on the first ballot.

The second ballot was as follows:

Representative Jackson Canth:                         2,300 delegates

Secretary Lynn Germaine:                                     2,200 delegates

Riots broke out again, and once again convention security broke them up. Secretary Germaine lost the bid that she was at one point certain to win to the president’s brother by only fifty delegates. Germaine slipped out during the riots to protect herself.


VICE PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE: Representative Jackson Canth (D2)

The following is an excerpt of Representative Canth’s acceptance speech.

“I accept the nomination, Mr. Chairman. It is time for us to bring a team of Conservatives to the Capitol. It is time to continue our vision for Panem. It is time for unity, hope, prosperity. That is what we will bring in November!”

The convention then proceeded onward to balloting for the presidential nomination.

The first ballot was as follows:

President Richard “Rick” Canth:                       2,150 delegates

Mr. Robert F. Maxwell:                                            2,150 delegates

Secretary Kurtis Pierce:                                         125 delegates

Secretary Jack Oliver:                                             75 delegates

Intrigue was in the air. While fifty unbound delegates had moved in the President’s favor, another 200 had opted for Secretaries Pierce and Oliver, neither of whom had run for the presidency and both of which had nominated the two presidential candidates that had run. Delegates were unbound for the second ballot since no majority was reached.

The second ballot was as follows:

President Richard “Rick” Canth:                       2,225 delegates

Mr. Robert F. Maxwell:                                            2,150 delegates

Secretary Kurtis Pierce:                                         125 delegates

Further intrigue occurs as the Pierce delegates refuse to budge. Was Pierce running a shadow campaign? Pierce quickly rushed to the stage and stated, “I am not a candidate for president, nor will I accept the nomination for president, nor will I serve if elected president.” The nomination fight proceeded to a third ballot.

The third ballot was as follows:

President Richard “Rick” Canth:                       2,251 delegates

Mr. Robert F. Maxwell:                                            2,249 delegates

Mr. Maxwell, who had once been considered a shoo-in for the nomination, was defeated by a pair of delegates. In a fury, Maxwell refused to concede and stormed from the hall as his supporters followed in a massive walk-out.

PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE: Incumbent President of the Republic of Panem Richard “Rick” Canth (D7)

The following is an excerpt from the President’s acceptance speech:

“As Governor Jones stated, now is the time for unity. I hope those that are displeased with the results of the convention continue to support the Conservative Party. Our vision is at risk with a divide and we simply cannot afford it. We are a party of hope and unity, of promise and opportunity. We are better together than apart.”

The convention ended somberly and without fanfare as the convention hall was half-empty. What was planned to be a riveting end to the primary season came out to be a new rift in the fledgling party.


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