BREAKING: Maxwell, Germaine announce ticketed run as independents

BREAKING: Business magnate Robert F. Maxwell and Secretary of Intelligence Lynn Germaine announced today in District 4 that they would continue their runs for president and vice president as an independent ticket. 

The pair, who previously ran as a ticket for their respective Conservative Party nominations, were defeated days ago in very close delegate battles at the convention. The battles sparked riots in the convention hall, resulting in security interference.

The entry of the Maxwell/Germaine independent ticket is predicted to cause vote splitting with the Conservative Party, giving the Liberty Party a significant advantage.

The pair will face off in November against:

  • Pres. Rick Canth/Rep. Jackson Canth (Conservative Party)
  • Sen. Peeta Mellark/Gov. Rebecca Tarson (Liberty Party)
  • Gov. Felicia Ren/Sec. Joan Kindred (Labor Party)
  • Sec. Cecelia Paylor/Sec. Samuel Trenton (Civic Party)
  • Fmr. Gov. Elizabeth Steinbeck (Independent)

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