Gov. Oaksmith and VP Wilson concede, withdraw

Governor Amy Oaksmith (Liberty-D7) and Vice President Dale Wilson (Liberty-D4) both conceded, withdrew their presidential bids, and endorsed Liberty Party presidential nominee Senator Peeta Mellark.

“We fought the good fight, and I’m proud of how we did. We did not win the nomination, but we haven’t lost Oaksmith 2our nation. Senator Peeta Mellark is going to be our next president, and he will return us to the days of his wife’s presidency. I’m happy to support him.” — Governor Amy Oaksmith upon her withdrawal from the race.

“While I hoped to be this election, I respect the will of the voters and I hereby withdraw my bid. Senator Mellark is a just and righteousWilson man with the skill and integrity to lead this great nation, and it is my honor to endorse him as our nominee.” — Vice President Dale Wilson upon his withdrawal from the race.

Senator Mellark will go on to face either President Canth or his challenger, Robert F. Maxwell, in the general election, along with Labor nominee Felicia Ren and Civic nominee Cecelia Paylor.


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