BREAKING: Senator Peeta Mellark clinches Liberty pres. nomination after Oswald endorsement

BREAKING: Senator Peeta Mellark is now the official presidential nominee of the Liberty Party following Secretary Celine Oswald’s endorsement of him this morning in District 13.Mellark logo

“Governor Descoteaux is absolutely right. We don’t have time for another bruising primary fight. I know what that’s like, and look at what it did to me! That’s why I am choosing to suspend my bid for the presidency and endorse Senator Mellark for president. I’m releasing all my delegates to him as well, and it’s time for Governor Oaksmith and Vice PresidentOswald logo Wilson to concede. It’s time to win back the Presidential Mansion and it’s time to get rid of President Canth!”

Secretary Oswald’s endorsement of Senator Mellark was the death knell to both Governor Amy Oaksmith and Vice President Dale Wilson’s campaigns for the presidency. With Secretary Oswald’s delegates released to Mellark, Mellark has secured 2,300 delegates- 50 delegates more than the threshold to take the nomination.

The delegate count as of this article is now Mellark 2,300, Oaksmith 1,000, Wilson 950.


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