BREAKING: Gov. Rosalie Descoteaux to withdraw, endorse Sen. Peeta Mellark

BREAKING: Governor Rosalie Descoteaux (Liberty-D14), a presidential contender for the Liberty Party nomination, is now dropping her bid for the presidency and endorsing frontrunner Senator Peeta Mellark for the nomination.

Descoteaux logo

“I am hereby withdrawing my candidacy for the presidency. It’s time to unite around our nominee, and I firmly believe that it is time to unite around Senator Peeta Mellark. He is the definition of successor to President Everdeen. I’m releasing all of my delegates to him, and I would encourage all of the other candidates to do the same for the sake of our party.”

This is a staggering blow to Governor Amy Oaksmith, Mellark’s main competition for the nomination. Oaksmith currently has 1,000 delegates to Mellark’s 1,550 and desperately needed every delegate to make her case.

The delegate count now lies at Mellark 1,900, Oaksmith 1,000, Wilson 950, Oswald 450.


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