Canth vs. Maxwell, Canth vs. Germaine in Conservative debates

The presidential and VP debates for the Conservative Party primaries were held by PFP last night, setting up high-profile clashes between President Rick Canth and his primary challenger, Robert F. Maxwell, and between Representative Jackson Canth (the president’s brother and favored candidate) and Secretary of Intelligence Lynn Germaine.

The only criteria for entry was that each candidate invited must have appeared in at least three major polls prior to the debate.

The VP debate was the first to air, starring Rep. Jackson Canth of District 2 and Sec. Lynn Germaine of District 4. The candidates were asked questions over a variety of topics. A selection from the debate is below.

The question: “There have been questions regarding the toxicity of the Canth family name in Panem politics following the controversies of the Canth administration. Do you think that being a Canth is toxic in this election cycle?”

Representative Canth: “Absolutely not. My brother has served excellently as president. All these controversies stem from one thing: the Liberty Party. They continuously stir the pot over issues that simply aren’t issues. And not only that, but they continuously block good policy at every turn. That’s why our nation is in dire straits- not my brother, but rather Liberty. The Panem people will see this in November, and I’m certain that we will return to the Capitol.”

Secretary Germaine: “There is a reason why I chose to endorse Mr. Maxwell over the current President. That’s because the President simply has thrown the concept of leadership to the curb. He hasn’t truly tried to make headway with the Liberty Party. He hasn’t even truly addressed the controversies that he- yes, he, not the Liberty Party- has created. Representative Canth can sit here all day and say it isn’t his brother’s fault, but it is. He even sat on the committee and found that his brother’s campaign was guilty of electoral fraud. The Canth name is toxic, but the Canths simply cannot see it yet.”

The question: “The Oceanian Empire is an oncoming threat, one that the Liberty Party says the Conservatives are not adequately facing. What is your response to that claim?”

Secretary Germaine: “The Liberty Party is wrong to say that Conservatives aren’t doing everything in their power to solve this crisis. However, I can say that President Canth is not. Secretary Madison in the last debate attacked the President for this, and I completely agree with his statement.”

Representative Canth: “First off, my brother has adequately tackled the threat of OE, and second, Secretary Germaine, if you are so against the President and his governance, why don’t you resign your position and join the Liberty Party? It sure seems like you are one of them and not a Conservative.”

The question: “Secretary Germaine, we will allow a response to that statement by Representative Canth. What is your response?”

Secretary Germaine: “To everyone watching tonight, pay close attention to what is going on here. Notice how you have one candidate who is attempting to legitimatize the idea that Conservatives can only think one way simply in order to distract you from what’s really going on. Representative Canth and the President believe that you must follow them blindly in order to be a Conservative. Mr. Maxwell and I believe that a government that works for the people is the way to go. You pick: corruption or transparency.”

The presidential debate was equally as fiery as Mr. Maxwell faced off against the President face-to-face for the first time since the campaign began. An excerpt is below.

The question: “The Conservative Party has been plagued by allegations of corruption and fraud on many equations and has been repeatedly attacked by the Liberty Party on a variety of topics. What are your plans for reform of the Conservative Party, and what is your response to these allegations?”

President Canth: “To need reform, you need a reason to have reform. We simply don’t need it. Each time a controversy has arisen in our administration, we have tackled it with resounding transparency. The Liberty Party is deluded and believes that since they are now in the opposition they are the victims of fraud. That’s not the case.”

Mr. Maxwell: “Mr. President, we do need reform. The first way to do that is for the Conservative voters to kick you to the curb. Do you seriously think that our party can survive with you at the helm? It cannot. A key example of your corruption is right at the Department of the Interior. Awarding contracts to friends is illegal and wrong, and your cronies in the administration are at fault. It’s time to move out of the way in the name of party and country, Mr. President.”

The question: “The economy has taken a hit following the implementation of a stimulus package championed by President Canth. What will you do to repair the economy as president, and is this stimulus package responsible for the further drop in economic numbers?”

Mr. Maxwell: “First off, my administration will pull in the best people possible to fix this. From there we will determine together what to do following this catastrophe and we will see if we can come to a consensus with the opposition on what we need to do. This economic downturn is directly related to this package, though it did not start there. Regardless, President Canth needs to answer for his actions.”

President Canth: “The economy has taken a hit, yes, but a stimulus package that has hardly had a chance to work isn’t the reason why. It’s because of the endless amounts of errors and wars that the Everdeen administration participated in, and we are now dealing with the aftereffects. My administration isn’t at fault, and if the Liberty Party would just work with us for one damn second, we’d actually get this economy back on track.”

Focus groups were convened regarding the debates, and here’s what they found:

Winner (VP): Sec. Lynn Germaine (D4)
Loser (VP)Rep. Jackson Canth (D2)

Rep. Canth had major issues justifying his brother’s actions as president, and Sec. Germaine’s attacks stuck well.

Winner (President): Mr. Robert F. Maxwell (D4)
Loser (President): President Rick Canth (D7)

As with his brother, the President wasn’t able to shake his controversies and Mr. Maxwell made them stick like glue.


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