Liberty VP hopefuls spare drama, attack Canth in debate

The second Liberty Party vice presidential debate was held by The Panem Free Press today, featuring the remaining four vice presidential candidates of the Liberty Party: Governor Trenton Escavel of District 9, Secretary of Defense Jonathan Madison of District 4, Governor Rebecca Tarson of District 12, and Senator Alexandra West of District 1.

2nd Liberty VP debateDue to the exit of Governor Bella Taylor (Lib.-D2) days before the debate, the planned undercard debate was cancelled and a debate featuring all the candidates was planned. The criteria was that participants be a major candidate for the Liberty Party vice presidential nomination that was featured in at least three major polls.

Candidates were questioned on multiple topics, including issues such as the Canth administration scandals, foreign policy,  and economic policy.

An excerpt of the debate is shown below.

The question: “A new economic report was released yesterday, showing further regression in GDP and an increase in unemployment. Top economists are alarmed and are warning of a possible oncoming recession. As vice president, what would you urge the Panem Congress to do regarding this?”

Governor Escavel: “This simply shows the failure of the Canth administration and their policy on economics. I would recommend the repeal of several pieces of Canth-sponsored legislation, particularly the stimulus package he shoved through, reducing overall spending and encouraging growth.”

Senator West: “I agree with Governor Escavel, but I would add the reduction of taxes to the plan to get the economy back on track, particularly reducing the taxes on corporations and private businesses. This will encourage growth in that particular sector.”

Governor Tarson: “As governor, I am proud to have presided over one of the top districts in the nation for business growth. My plan is exactly what I have implemented in District 12, and the results are obvious: businesses are flooding into District 12, and that’s what will happen with my plan.”

Secretary Madison: “Not only must we cut taxes and repeal the stimulus package, we must also reduce overall spending, which is something that even the Liberty Party struggles with. We’ve got a majority in both houses of Congress, and yet we continue with this pointless spending. It needs to stop.”

The question: “A report from an independent watchdog group recently released stated that the Department of the Interior has been issuing contracts to corporations associated with high leadership in the Department despite tough competition. The report has raised the eyebrows of members of Congress, who are calling into question the possibility of corruption. Do you think that Congress should pursue an audit and overall investigation of the Department of the Interior, and if needed, an impeachment of key officials involved?”

Governor Tarson: “Well, absolutely! I don’t think that there is any doubt that the Canth administration is the most corrupt since that of President Paylor. Anything and everything should be done to stop this behavior.”

Governor Escavel: “If I were President Canth, I would have already started an internal investigation into this. Congress needs to act quickly on this to ensure that there was no bias in selection of a corporation for these contracts.”

Senator West: “I have been saying this from the beginning, and I’m thinking that my colleagues may finally be hearing me: It’s time for action, it’s time for an investigation, and the time is near for an impeachment of whoever is involved.”

Secretary Madison: “Having served in both the Everdeen and Canth administrations, I can say that this administration is easily the most corrupt. I have more than once been approached for favors by donors, and every time I have turned them away. There is a reason why the Department of Defense isn’t well-liked by Conservatives. This corruption is expected of the Interior Department, and I’m urging the president to appoint an independent counsel.”

The question: “The Oceanian Empire was at the forefront of the news yesterday when a plot was foiled by the United Kingdom to assassinate the UK prime minister, Edith Felton. With the threat of OE looming overhead, what are your views on the Canth administration’s reactions to OE and their subsequent policies?”

Secretary Madison: “As Secretary of Defense, I’m at the forefront of Panem foreign policy along with Secretary Oswald. The president’s reaction to OE has been disgustingly naive. The rise of OE was preventable, but the president refused to confront the issue over and over again. We have now lost thousands of lives, and the fact that the Canth administration told the Department of Defense to stand down is exactly why we have blood on our hands today.”

Senator West: “I’m going to answer this shortly and sweetly: President Canth is responsible for the death of over 126,000 people, and I hereby call for his resignation. If he does not resign, I plead with our nation: remove this man from the office of president.”

Governor Escavel: “In no way has the President responded the way he should. The policy should have been to bomb the hell out of this group, and he hasn’t done that.”

Governor Tarson: “The President should resign, as Senator West says, for what he’s done, but we all know he won’t. That’s why he’s running for reelection. He’s a coward.”


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