Undercard debate to be held for 2nd PFP Liberty presidential and VP debates

The Panem Free Press announced today that an undercard debate will be held immediately prior to the upcoming Liberty Party primetime presidential debate. This debate will feature three candidates that will be announced at a later date based on polling information. A similar undercard debate will be held prior to the upcoming primetime vice presidential debate for the Liberty Party which will feature three of the five candidates as well.

Based on the most recent polling, it seems that the setup for the debates are likely as follows:

Candidates are listed in order of podium.

  • Presidential primetime debate: Sen. Peeta Mellark, Gov. Amy Oaksmith, V.P. Dale Wilson
  • Presidential undercard debate: Sec. Celine Oswald, Gov. Rosalie Descoteaux, Gov. Gale Hawthorne
  • VP primetime debate: Sec. Jonathan Madison, Sen. Alexandra West
  • VP undercard debate: Gov. Rebecca Tarson, Gov. Trenton Escavel, Gov. Bella Taylor

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