Fmr. D6 Attorney General Reyna Fults pardoned by Pres. Canth

Reyna Fults, the former Attorney General for District 6, has been officially pardoned by President Rick Canth (Cons.-D7) and was released from prison earlier today.

Fults served as the district attorney general for D6 for several years before becoming the vice presidential nominee for the political party People for Panem in the second regularly scheduled presidential election. Fults was arrested on charges of treason after her party declared that they would secede from Panem, attempting to take over District 6.

President Canth stated the following:

“The arrest and conviction of Reyna Fults was part of a political knee-jerk reaction on the part of the Everdeen administration. In their attempt to contain the crisis in District 6, President Everdeen saw only party affiliation rather than true justice, which wrongfully incriminated Ms. Fults.”

Reyna Fults stated the following:

“I do not blame the Everdeen administration for what happened to me. I take responsibility for being a member of an atrocious political party; one that did not respect the nation of Panem. While this pardon was certainly a nice surprise, I still believe that the people of Panem deserve better than me, and I pray that the people of Panem will forgive me for what I have done.”

Former President Katniss Everdeen stated the following:

“While I highly disagree with President Canth’s statement, I do believe that an unconscious error was made in those crucial moments. I offer my sincerest apologies to Ms. Fults and her family. Justice was not completely served that day. I hope to meet with Ms. Fults soon to convey my apologies in person.”

Later in her statement, Ms. Fults declared that she would join the Liberty Party and offer her endorsement to Senator Peeta Mellark.


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