Watch How She Rises


Governor Amy Oaksmith comes from humble roots: the daughter of a painter and a woodcarver, Oaksmith is acutely aware of the average Panem voter’s lifestyle. She comes from a family that took great loss during the Panem Rebellion, and she speaks candidly regarding the experiences of losing her sister in a firebombing in her hometown in District 7. Her record as governor is remarkable; in her first term as governor, she balanced the district budget and passed a number of reforms in the legislature. She is noted as a shaker and a mover in District 7, and she promises to bring that to the Capitol. She nearly did once already, almost toppling the anointed frontrunner Vice President Celine Oswald in the last Liberty primary for president.

While her stAmy Oaksmithory is amazing and powerful, it isn’t the only powerful part of her campaign.

One thing that any analyst can count on about Governor Amy Oaksmith is that she will be prepared in a run for any public office. After all, not just any governor nearly takes down an anointed frontrunner in her first run for the presidency. Governor Oaksmith briefly showed us her hand during the debate a few days ago. “I start off much better off than last time, that’s for sure, and I will win this nomination by building off of that along with my increasing amount of grassroots support,” she noted. Oaksmith is aware that she cannot afford to start at the bottom again.

During the off-season, Governor Oaksmith reportedly convened a meeting of trusted advisors, according to a close confidante. She wished to discuss the viability of a second run for the presidency, a notion that every person in the room was receptive to after last time around. One person noted that it “would be wise to consider starting from where you left off.” And so, her campaign strategy was born.

Governor Oaksmith, it appears, is reaching out to prior voters and reassuring them that she remains viable four years later while assembling the largest grassroots machine in Panem history. With early support on the ground in battleground districts, Oaksmith is gearing up for a fierce battle against five other top-tier candidates. She is privately reaching out to Liberty Party donors in an attempt to beat her competition to the punch, consolidating voter and donor support. If she is successful, this campaign could prove much less competitive than what it seems at the moment.

Furthermore, Governor Oaksmith isn’t just planning for winning this nomination. She’s also preparing to win the general election. In her grassroots organizations, she is openly courting Conservative, Civic, Centre, and Labor voters in an attempt to enlarge the party and create a grand coalition of voters for a general election campaign. Oaksmith, in all accounts, is attempting to unite Panem’s voting population in the largest political operation since Katniss Everdeen’s first run for the presidency.

Keep a look out for Amy Oaksmith. She may be in a statistical dead heat with the Vice President for now, but soon, she very well may be the fourth President of the Republic of Panem.


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