Maxwell does not rule out independent run

CEO Robert F. Maxwell did not rule out an independent run for president of Panem if he did not win the Conservative nomination for president. “Of course I don’t want to,” Maxwell told a Panem Free Press reporter. “I want to be the Conservative Party’s nominee for president of Panem. However, if it comes down to it and I somehow lose the nomination, I will not hesitate to run as an independent. Either way, I am going to continue offering myself as an option to Panem and I plan to win the election.”

Maxwell is challenging incumbent President Rick Canth (Conservative-D7) for his party’s presidential nomination and is posing a real fight from the start, according to recent polling.

Though unsure of the effects of a Maxwell independent run due to a lack of polling, political analysts predict that a Maxwell run would be extremely detrimental and threatening to the Canth administration. One analyst noted the following:

“If Robert F. Maxwell can garner the support he has now so quickly after his announcement, he stands to be a real candidate in the general election as an independent. The man could easily upend the entire political cycle and beat everyone. However, it is more likely that Maxwell will split the Conservative vote, allowing either Liberty or Labor to slip into the presidency.”

Analysts say that in the case of Maxwell acting as a spoiler, it will once again come down to Liberty versus Labor, and the real test will be how many Liberty voters can be lured to Maxwell.


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