Archibald Center response causes headache for scandal-ridden Canth administration

In the weeks following the attacks on Archibald Center that killed over 100,000 people, critics of the Canth administration are waging full war, panning the President’s response as “sloppy” or even “impeachable.”

When Archibald Center was attacked by a foreign terrorist group, President Rick Canth (Cons.-D7) was at an elementary school with children when a member of his security detail informed him of what had happened. Canth emerged from the classroom and had to pivot his speech from education to terrorism. He struck a strong tone, insisting that the government of Panem is going to ensure the safety of Panem’s citizens after so many had been brutally murdered.

Now, the President must keep good on what he has promised.

His opponents, after observing a unilateral campaign suspension for two days, seized the opportunity to attack the President’s foreign policy, stating that his laxity on foreign surveillance ensured the rise of those responsible for the attacks. Former Vice President of Panem and current Secretary of State Celine Oswald (Lib.-D13) stated the following:

“What we are seeing right now is a sloppy response by President Canth. We cannot just promise a strong action against these terrorists. We must actually get the intel. We must find out who these people are. Yes, as secretary of state, it is my job to serve as the chief officer of diplomatic affairs. That is where it stops. Right now, I’m not in charge of intel. It is the President’s job to handle this crisis, and judging by his past lack of leadership, we will not see this occur.”

The frontrunner for the Labor Party nomination for president, Governor Felicia Ren of District 8, said the following:

“This is absolutely incredible. In any other nation, allowing such a terrorist attack to occur is impeachable. Absolutely impeachable. President Canth should consider not running for reelection, considering how he has already committed fraud by getting into the presidency, and now he is openly lying to Panem again by telling us that he’s going to do something. Let me be clear to Panem: Mr. Canth is no leader, and he will not fix this. As President, I will, and this will not happen ever again.”


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