BREAKING: Explosions rock Archibald Center skyscrapers, monorail in D4

BREAKING: Reports are coming in from the main city of District 4 that an explosion has been heard near Archibald Tower, the tallest skyscraper in Panem. The tower, also known by its address as 1 Archibald Center, is one of four skyscrapers in the Archibald Center. The Archibald Center towers are owned primarily by Archibald Company, a prominent corporation with businesses in many different fields. The complex has a traffic of at least 100,000 people a day. We will deliver more news as it comes.

UPDATE: Reports from eyewitnesses near the event can confirm that a very large explosion rocked 1 Archibald Center around floors 100 to 110. The skyscraper contains 214 stories, a record for skyscraper architecture. 

It is uncertain at this time how many fatalities have occurred.

UPDATE 2: New reports in from District 4 confirm that another explosion has occurred at 3 Archibald Center, which is catercorner to the previously-hit Archibald Tower. With this, it becomes apparent that Panem is now facing a set of terrorist attacks. 

First responders have begun entry into Archibald Tower and evacuations have begun at both Archibald Tower and at 3 Archibald Center. It is not certain if 2 and 4 Archibald Center have been alerted to the attacks and if evacuations are underway.

UPDATE 3: According to sources throughout the main city, we can confirm that more attacks are underway. At the moment, all we can confirm with 100 percent accuracy is the following:

  • The first attack occurred at Archibald Tower (or 1 Archibald Center). Evacuations are currently underway and first responders are aiding those who are wounded.
  • The second attack occurred at the catercorner 3 Archibald Center, another skyscraper in the Archibald complex. Evacuations are also underway there as well with first responders aiding the wounded.
  • Third and fourth explosive attacks are confirmed at towers 2 and 4 of Archibald Center. Police have ordered a full evacuation of all buildings in the Archibald complex and any buildings within a five-block radius.
  • It is now reported that the monorail system that connects with the Archibald Center towers have fallen victim to explosions as well. It is reported that the explosions occurred on the trains and have severely damaged the system and inhibited evacuation from the towers through use of the monorail system. Usage of the monorail system for the entire city has been halted until further notice and all citizens have been evacuated off of the system for their safety.

District 4 police have ordered citizens to keep at least ten blocks from the scene and have set up stations for those injured by the attacks to seek medical care.

President Rick Canth (Conservative-D7) has been notified of the attacks in District 4 and will deliver an address on the matter shortly. The President is scheduled for a visit to his home district for a visit to an elementary school there. In addition, Vice President Dale Wilson (Liberty-D4) has also been notified of the matter and has been moved to an undisclosed location.

UPDATE 4: President Canth addressed parents, teachers, and students in his first address since the attacks:

“Hello. I was set to speak about the importance of education for our children, the future of our nation, but in light of recent events, that speech must wait for another days. My friends, today, Panem has fallen under attack. In District 4, bombs of an unknown origin have been detonated the Archibald Center towers and on the adjacent monorail system. It is unknown how many have died or how many are injured in these attacks. It is also unknown if these attacks have run their course.

Let me be crystal clear about these attacks. We are a nation who has suffered before. It was not too many years ago when we regularly held the Hunger Games under a cruel, fascist dictator. It was only a few years ago when the Hartt Corporation bombing occurred, killing 31,000 innocent civilians. We are no stranger to sorrow. However, with that sorrow, we have learned. We have learned the importance of unity and solidarity. We have learned that in the face of sheer terror and malice, we should not shy away from our cause of liberty and freedom. My friends, we have lost many friends today- have no doubt in that. That, however, does not constitute the end. We must rise from these ashes and display our strength. That is the only way to keep these terrorists from their ultimate goal.

As a nation, we now must take further steps against the perpetrators of these murders. I will soon consult with my advisers and we will determine a course of action that will end this threat to our land. Our response will be as these attacks were to us: harsh, ruthless, and unforgiving. Panem is a nation of peace, but even the most peaceful of things can go to war in defense of its peace. As of today, Panem is at war.

Thank you, Panem, and God bless the Republic of Panem.”

The Vice President deferred questions to the President, stating that “this should be a moment of solidarity for Panem, so I will defer to the President on planning. My heart goes out to the victims of this attack and their families.”

UPDATE 5: We have received word that the Archibald Tower, or 1 Archibald Center, has collapsed. Witnesses say that there were still victims pouring out as the building began its descent.

UPDATE 6: 2 Archibald Center has now also collapsed, adding even more chaos to the tragedy today. The collapse of this second skyscraper also caused the collapse of the monorail system that connected with the towers.

UPDATE 7:  3 Archibald Center has become the next building to collapse, and is now followed only seconds afterward by 4 Archibald Center. Adjacent buildings to the complex are also beginning collapses, and others are currently enduring fires that are being combated by firefighters.

UPDATE 8: As first responders search for survivors in the wreckage, a group from Oceania that goes by the name of Oceanian Empire has laid a claim on the attacks on the Archibald Center complex. This group was previously unknown to international agencies and governments and has no determined headquarters other than the nation of Oceania. That nation was left in ruins after the fourth World War, where a thermonuclear bomb was detonated over their capital of Jakarta, then the largest city on the planet. Now the county is in a state of devastation, with a caretaker government that has very little control over affairs due to the lack of structure in government.

UPDATE 9: The following totals are estimated deaths and injuries from each separate attack:

  • Archibald Tower (1 Archibald Center): 52,000+ dead, 2,300 injured
  • 2 Archibald Center: 17,000+ dead, 5,600 injured
  • 3 Archibald Center: 22,000+ dead, 3,700 injured
  • 4 Archibald Center: 34,000+ dead, 9,200 injured
  • Monorail system: 550+ dead, 300 injured
  • Street fatalities and injuries: 321 dead, 7,000+ injured
  • Total fatalities: 125,550+ in the complex, 321 on the streets
  • Total injuries: 28,100+ overall

The numbers are still continuing to rise, but it is clear that this is easily the worst terrorist attack in world history, passing the Hartt Corporation attacks during World War IV.

The Council of Nations has issued the following statement:

“As an international community, we all unilaterally condemn the attacks in Panem. The increase in global terror is a threat to all nations on our Earth, and as such, we pledge our full support to the nation of Panem in any efforts they may choose to pursue, particularly any military efforts.” –Secretary-General Katniss Everdeen


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