BREAKING: Sec.-Gen. Katniss Everdeen to not seek reelection

BREAKING: Secretary-General of the Council of Nations Katniss Everdeen has opted out of running for a second term as Secretary-General, The Panem Free Press reports. 

The Secretary-General’s office confirmed these reports today, stating the following:

“The Secretary-General has opted to not run for reelection to a second term to her office in the Council of Nations. Secretary-General Everdeen has always supported a free and open system of government and as such, she has decided to pass the mantle to another worthy leader.”

According to much more informal reports, Everdeen is forgoing reelection in order to return to Panem to run in the election of chair of the Liberty National Committee. Sources say that Everdeen is extremely displeased at the fracturing of the party and believes that the party needs unity in order to win its majority back this next year. Everdeen would likely face off against incumbent chair Vance Irsine in his campaign for a second term as chair, though Irsine since the election has been seen as highly vulnerable and will most likely be easily dispatched by the former president.

As for who will succeed Everdeen at the CN, all eyes have turned to Assistant Secretary-General Trevor Patton. Patton, the former governor of District 2, would ascend to the CN’s top post only two years after taking his new position as number two to Everdeen. However, while Patton will likely run and win the top position, other possibilities include Panem’s ambassador to the CN, Effie Trinket, and former interim  Sec.-Gen. Raphaël Maçon.


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