More election news from Labor, Civic, Conservative Parties

While the Liberty Party has dominated political headlines for weeks on end, the Labor, Conservative, and Civic Parties along with some independents have made some announcements regarding political futures. Let’s take a look:


  • Secretary Kurtis Pierce (Conservative-D2) has declined a bid for both president and vice president, stating that his job as head of the Treasury Department was “vastly more important than another campaign.”
  • Governor Kaitlyn Jones (Conservative-D11) and Secretary Jack Oliver (Conservative-D11) both declined bids for president and vice president as well.
  • Secretary Lynn Germaine (Conservative-D4) announced that she would run for VP, ending efforts by disgruntled Conservatives to draft her for a primary run against incumbent President Rick Canth (Conservative-D7).
  • House Conservative Leader Jackson Canth (Conservative-D2) is reportedly leaning towards a run for VP, but is still undecided.


  • Governor Felicia Ren (Labor-D8) has garnered such support that any significant opponents have opted to not run for the presidential nomination against her.
  • Secretary Joan Kindred (Labor-D5) opted to run for VP for a second time.
  • Former Senator Ophelie Murray (Labor-D3) has declined a bid for vice president.
  • Secretary Walter Delta (Labor-D11) also declined to run for VP.
  • Governor Thomas Stemp (Labor-D1) announced another run for vice president.


  • Secretary and party leader Cecelia Paylor (Civic-D8) announced that she would yet again seek to be the party’s nominee for president. There’s little chance anyone will stop her.
  • Secretary Samuel Trenton (Civic-D15/Capitol) announced that he would seek the party’s VP nomination.
  • Governor Bertram Spellings (Civic-D3) opted out of a run, stating that “it’s not my time.”


  • Former Governor Elizabeth Steinbeck (Independent-D8) announced that she would run for president again.
  • Former Representative Sextimus Dalton (Independent-D5) announced that he would not run for president or vice president, instead announcing his party switch to the Centre Party and that he would run for a seat in the House of Representatives under that party.
  • Former Vice President Plutarch Heavensbee (Independent-D15) declined to run for president or vice president, stating that “my run for president last election was completely foolish, and in retrospect, Ms. Oswald might have won the election without me in the race.”

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