Secretary Celine Oswald declares presidential candidacy

Secretary of State Celine Oswald (Liberty Party-D13) at the Panem Capitol Correspondents Dinner. Oswald recently declared her third presidential run, seeking to have a rematch with President Rick Canth (Conservative Party-D7) who was recently revealed to have essentially stolen the position from her.

As expected, Secretary of State and former Vice President of Panem Celine Oswald announced that she would seek the presidential nomination of the Liberty Party in the upcoming elections.

Oswald is no stranger to federal elections. After serving as District 13’s governor (and a very popular one at that), then-Governor Oswald ran for president in one of the most epic political battles of all time against then-President Cecelia Paylor and future President Katniss Everdeen. She came in second that time. After that loss, Oswald landed the position of Secretary of State for the first time in the Everdeen administration. As Secretary, Oswald was directly involved in the treaty process in Glasgow that ended the Panem-IANO War and the establishment process of District 14.

After serving as Secretary, Oswald announced that she would run for the vice presidential nomination of the Liberty Party. In a very close contest between Secretary of Defense Jonathan Madison, Governor Gale Hawthorne, and herself, she eventually edged out a victory for the nomination. Ultimately, she managed to win the vice presidency as well, replacing Vice President Tyler Thompson, who was appointed to replace Plutarch Heavensbee.

President Everdeen ultimately decided against a third term as president, leaving Oswald as the presumptive heir to the presidential nomination. However, in Oswald’s second run, not everything went perfectly. Governor Amy Oaksmith made an unexpectedly large impact in the primaries, nearly toppling the vice president. Ultimately, Oswald eeked out a victory and headed to the general election with vice presidential nominee Dale Wilson by her side. However, things again didn’t turn out as planned. For years, Panem has been a one-party majority country, ruled by the Liberty Party. However, the Vice President was unable to gain a majority of electoral votes, sending the election to the House of Representatives to decide. In this contentious election, Secretary of the Interior Rick Canth procured the presidency, swaying some Liberty representatives to his side. As it was later found out, some representatives were bribed for their vote, rigging the election in Canth’s favor without his knowledge. Canth, in an attempt to show unity to Panem with a fractured executive branch (since Dale Wilson, the nominee of the Liberty Party for vice president, won that election), nominated Oswald for her old post as Secretary of State.

Oswald will face Senator Peeta Mellark, current VP Dale Wilson, and likely Governor Rosalie Descoteaux and Governor Gale Hawthorne in the primaries.


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