Gov. Descoteaux, Hawthorne form presidential exploratory committees, Gov. Taylor, Escavel form VP exploratory committees

Governor Rosalie Descoteaux (Liberty-D14) and Governor Gale Hawthorne (Liberty-D15) have formed exploratory committees for the presidential nomination of the Liberty Party.

Governor Descoteaux is the two-term governor of District 14, Panem’s largest district and the first overseas district. Formerly the mayor of Lille, France, she became governor following her protests against France’s anti-Panem actions. If elected president, she would be the first foreign-born Panem citizen to hold the office.

Governor Hawthorne is the current governor of District 15, the newest district of Panem that is comprised of the former Capitol. Hawthorne is formerly a general, a military adviser to President Everdeen, governor of District 2, and Secretary of Defense. He previously ran for vice president and president in the primaries, being defeated both times.

Meanwhile, on the VP side, Governor Bella Taylor (Liberty-D2) and Governor Trenton Escavel (Liberty-D9) have formed exploratory committees for the Liberty VP nomination.

Governor Taylor is the relatively-new governor of District 2, the military-based district of Panem. Taylor was formerly lieutenant governor under Trevor Patton, who resigned to become assistant secretary-general of the Council of Nations. Upon her rise to governor, she became the first governor to have a physical disability, as Taylor has Down Syndrome. Taylor currently places second in polling to Governor Amy Oaksmith of District 8.

Governor Escavel is the governor of District 9 and is virtually unknown outside of his home district. A longtime governor of the district, he is placing a long-shot bid for the nomination, only getting three percent of the vote in the last VP poll taken.


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