Gov. Hansen opts out of national runs, as do Latier, Canstrom, and Wendle

Governor Xavier Hansen opted not to run for president or vice president on both the Liberty and Conservative tickets this election, stating that he would be best suited to remain in District 10 as governor and continue to serve. He also announced that he would run for reelection to his seat as governor on the same Liberty/Conservative ticket.

Meanwhile, Secretary of Communications Beetee Latier also decided not to run, leaving the Liberty field two slots smaller. He said that “while I feel that I would be a fantastic vice president or even president, the campaign apparatus is not there and is not possible at this time. I look forward to helping Liberty win in November, regardless of the nominees, and will continue to serve as secretary.”

Senator Iris Canstrom, the leader of the Labor Party in the Senate, also said no to a run for higher office. “The Panem Congress has become a political battleground, and while the presidency and vice presidency are important, I believe my spot in the Senate is much more important,” she said.

Representative Teraton Wendle likewise said no to running for president and VP, stating “it’s not my time, nor is it my place right now.”


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