Peeta Mellark launches presidential campaign

To much fervor, Senator Peeta Mellark announced on Thursday that he will run for the Liberty Party nomination for president.

Senator Mellark is the husband of former President and Secretary-General Katniss Everdeen. A victor of the 74th Hunger Games, Mellark is known for his speaking skills and crafty bipartisanship. After Everdeen left office, Mellark ran successfully for a vacant Senate seat in his home district of 12. Since his ascent to the Senate, Mellark has joined the leadership, becoming the Senate Majority Whip.

Though Mellark is a notable member of the Panem Senate and the former first spouse of Panem, his connections don’t equate success. It’s yet to be tested if he can communicate the same ideals as his wife and essentially serve as her third term. It’s also to be noted that this field will most likely be packed, and it’s probably going to be packed with ferocious competitors like former VP Celine Oswald and current VP Dale Wilson.


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