EDITORIAL: Senator West for Vice President?

Well, it’s quite clear now that President Rick Canth has dug himself in deep if he did attempt bribery. However, even if he didn’t, he now has that term stuck next to his name. It makes him damaged goods for this next election, especially if they do find evidence that is damning, as that could trigger an impeachment. It’s not a good sign for a president that only won due to a House election, not even through the popular vote.

His fate, however, rests with a committee. This committee is chaired by a representative and a senator. The representative, Jackson Canth, is his brother, and has promised that despite his connection to the president that he will remain objective. The senator, Alexandra West, has made it quite clear that she’s going to find out the truth, with or without Representative Canth’s help.

Here’s what could happen.

  • The committee finds that there was, in fact, no bribery ever attempted and that it was simply a false set of claims. No action will come out of the Congress in this scenario unless the representatives are outed, in which case they will most likely be forced to resign.
  • The committee finds that there was bribery attempted by associates of President Canth, but Canth was not aware of the attempt. This would result in criminal charges for those associated, but the president would be left untouched. However, this could easily damage his potential reelection campaign.
  • The committee finds that there was bribery attempted by associates of President Canth with Canth having knowledge of the attempts. This would result in criminal charges filed for the associates and a likely impeachment trial for President Canth unless he resigned. If the impeachment went forward, that would mean that Canth would stand trial before the Senate and the Supreme Court. If convicted, Canth would no longer be President and Vice President Wilson would assume the presidency and pick his successor as Vice President.

At this moment, it’s impossible to tell exactly how this will play out. We only have the testimony of the two representatives, who are anonymous, and as a result, no true reliable information. If the president were successfully implicated and convicted of a crime, it would be necessary to look at potential successors for the Vice President. Let’s take a look at some options.

  • Senator Alexandra West: Woah, no way. The new chairwoman is soooo unexpected- not. After all, West has already launched an exploratory committee on running for vice president, whether Wilson runs for president or not. She’s a star in the Liberty Party. She’s tough on corruption. If she succeeds with this chairmanship, she’d be perfect.
  • Senator Peeta Mellark: Go figure that he makes the list. Mellark is already a rumored presidential contender, so this would be the perfect time for Wilson to move him out of the field. He’s also very loved by Panem.
  • Secretary Celine Oswald: Another one Wilson could move out of the way for a potential run. Also, she’s been VP before, and she could feasibly do so again.
  • Governor Rosalie Descoteaux: Great governor with great experience. She’s perfect for the job.
  • Secretary Tyler Thompson: Yet another former VP that could easily fill the role again. Could be a Conservative/Liberty compromise candidate, though Liberty has no need for compromise. Also, it’s important to note he’s considering a VP run as well and has formed an exploratory committee.

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