BREAKING: VP Wilson, Speaker Richelieu create committee to investigate possible bribery

BREAKING: Vice President Dale Wilson (Liberty-D4) and Speaker of the Panem House of Representatives Constantin Richelieu (Liberty-D14) have ordered the creation of a joint special committee of the Panem Congress in order to investigate the claims by two anonymous representatives in the Panem House that they were approached by associates of President Canth, who attempted to bribe them in exchange for a vote for Canth in the House election that ultimately put him in the Capitol.

The committee’s formal name, according to the Vice President and the Speaker, will the “Joint Special Committee on Presidential Election Bribery.” Though it is typical for Speaker Richelieu to have the power to create special committees and subcommittees in the Panem House, it is not typical for Vice President Wilson to intervene in the actions of the Panem Senate. However, in his capacity as President of the Panem Senate, Wilson does have the right to do so.

The Vice President and Speaker also appointed two chairs, one representative and one senator. The two chairs are Rep. Jackson Canth (Cons.-D2) and Sen. Alexandra West (Lib-D1). Other members of the committee include the leadership of each party as well as multiple other prominent members of Congress.

Representative Jackson Canth, the representative chairman, is well-known for his brother, President Rick Canth. Jackson Canth also serves as Conservative Party leader in the House, being elected to this position upon his arrival after this past election cycle.

Senator Alexandra West, the senatorial chairwoman, is a Liberty senator from District 1, which is typically a Labor-controlled district. However, she is now serving her fourth year of her first term and will be up for election this midterm cycle. During her time as senator, West has been known for remaining a voice of reason while also dogging on corruption, a key reason of why she was picked for the chairmanship.


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