BREAKING: Pres. Canth attempted bribery for House votes, says two sources

BREAKING: Two representatives who requested anonymity have alleged that President Rick Canth, who was elected to his first term in a very contentious election that was sent to the House of Representatives to decide, were allegedly bribed but then later declined to vote for then-Secretary of the Interior Canth, who was the underdog in the vote.

President Canth (Conservative-D7) is the first male elected president of Panem as well as the first opposition president elected. He was elected by the House of Representatives over then-Vice President Celine Oswald (Liberty-D13) when no candidate obtained a majority in the electoral college.

UPDATE: President Rick Canth’s press secretary, Polaris Septrix, was approached about the question while in a question-and-answer portion of the weekly press conference:

PFP: From what we have heard, President Canth supposedly attempted to bribe representatives for votes in this past election. What does the President have to say about all this?

Septrix: The President did not steal an election, nor did he bribe representatives to win this past election. The idea that he would do so is clearly propaganda by opposing parties in order to sink him and trouble his presidency.



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