Sen. Peeta Mellark makes splash in first term

Before becoming one of two senators for District 12, he served as First Gentleman of Panem. Before that, he was a victor of the 74th Hunger Games. People have long lauded his oratorical skills, including his politically-powerful wife, while others took bets on just how long he could stay out of politics.

Now, Peeta Mellark is making his mark on society once again. This time, his battlefield of choice is the Republic of Panem Senate.

Senator Mellark was elected during this past election in a resounding landslide- not unexpected, considering it’s in his home district of District 12. However, while analysts were correct about his immediate prominence after leaving office as First Gentleman, no one could have predicted that he would be a major player in the Senate after only a year.

Mellark first made headlines during a filibuster on a bill concerning the allocation of District 12 funds to be used in the creation of the new Capitol. He wasn’t the only politician concerned- all of District 12’s state legislature, congressional delegation, and districtwide government objected, along with former President Katniss Everdeen and other governors. Mellark filibustered the bill for a whopping twenty-nine hours straight, with the only breaks being when he briefly ceded the floor to other senators who decided to assist him in his endeavor. His speech now ranks as the longest-running speech in Panem history. The bill was defeated easily after the speech was concluded.

Obviously, Mellark’s filibuster put him on the map and sparked notions of further ambition- a leadership role perhaps, a spot as VP on a Liberty Party ticket, or dare it be said- a presidential nomination. But his landmark first year as senator was remarkable past that one speech as well.

Mellark did in fact gain a leadership role very soon after his speech. Michael Debroff (Liberty-D13), the Senate majority leader and the leader of the Liberty Party in the Senate, elevated him to the position of Senate majority whip, the second highest position in leadership. The position had been recently vacated and not been filled.

Ultimately, Senator Mellark has three options in front of him.

One: he can remain a senator and not pursue any future ambition. However, given his past, who he’s married to, who he’s associated with, and his current actions, it’s highly unlikely that Mellark will sit still when he can continue to make an impact.

Two: he can stay in the Senate as long as he is reelected and seek leadership roles. After all, he is already the number two Liberty Party senator. He’s a big name. Who is to say that he doesn’t have his eyes on both majority leader and president of the Senate pro tempore?

And three: he can move into true national politics. Sure, some would call senatorial elections “national politics,” but in District 12, it’s not. For now, it’s always an assured hold for Liberty. However, Senator Mellark could potentially become a vice presidential or presidential contender for Liberty. He would obviously be a strong pick for the nominations. Even if he doesn’t choose to do that, he could easily serve as Secretary of State, Secretary of the Interior, Secretary of the Treasury, or some other cabinet position.

In any case, keep your attention towards Senator Mellark. He’s one to keep your eyes on.


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