BREAKING: D2 Governor Trevor Patton appointed Assistant Sec.-General of CN, will resign

BREAKING: Governor Trevor Patton of District 2 announced today that he will be resigning the governorship of the military-based district immediately in favor of his new position as Assistant Secretary-General of the Council of Nations. A Liberty Party member, Patton will now serve abroad under Secretary-General and former Panem president Katniss Everdeen.

Due to his resignation, Lieutenant Governor Bella Taylor, another Liberty Party member, will ascend to the governor’s mansion in District 2. Governor Taylor will be the nation’s first governor with Down syndrome, a genetic disorder caused by the production of a third twenty-first chromosome. Though the disorder typically inhibits those affected, Taylor overcame the ill effects of the disorder in order to live her life normally. This was a key focus of her campaign for lieutenant governor.

Likewise, Governor Taylor is not the only member of the governor’s cabinet to move up a position. In the second district of Panem, the district senate’s president pro tempore ascends to the second-highest office, and if rejected, the spot goes to the secretary of state. It is expected that Senate president pro tem Felix Warren will accept the office.


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