RUMOR: Senator Peeta Mellark “interested in running for President”

According to anonymous sources, Senator Peeta Mellark (Liberty Party-D12) is in fact interested in a presidential run next election.

Senator Mellark is the junior senator from District 12, elected to serve President Everdeen’s home district just this past election. Despite his inexperience, he is universally recognized throughout Panem due to his experiences in the Hunger Games, his part in the Panem Rebellion, and his tenure as First Gentleman of Panem.

We recently detailed that he could run for president this next round in a recent editorial. However, one anonymous source who says that they are close to the senator stated that “Peeta set his eyes on the presidency the moment that Katniss informed him that she wasn’t running again.” Another source said that the senator wasn’t bothered by a lack of experience, saying that “Peeta has the ambition, the name recognition, and the record of brilliance that can propel him to the presidency. He knows this and he thinks he’s ready.”


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